victor unified client 4.2
new features e-learning

Change Default Clip Duration
Change Clip Saving Locations

Edit an Event (Acknowledge & Clear Options)
Acknowledge & Clear Options

Create Predefined Log Message
Generate System Report

Create a Map (Import Image)
Edit Map
Create a Display Map Action
Find on Map

Configure Operator/Role Bandwidth Settings
Change Search Preferences
Configure Email Preferences
Configure Database Preferences

Perform Basic Date/Time Search
Perform Basic Motion Search
Add Search as Alarm Rule
Jump to Next/Previous Alerts
Perform an Advanced Search
Perform Advanced Search with Loaded Alarm Rule

Add Site Manager
Switch Site Manager
Change Default Site Manager

Add Multiple Recorders (import)
Change Surveillance Overlay Settings
Change Video Overlay Settings
Edit Surveillance Preferences
Create Object Association
View Associations from Reports
View Associations from Activity List
View Associations from Event Viewer

Vault Items (Search & Retrieve)
Vault Explorer
Vault List
Export Clip to Vault List