victor unified client 4.1
new features e-learning

Starting Site Manager Services
Starting the General Purpose Interface
Switch Language/Culture

Entering Text Using Virtual Keyboard
Create New Device
Create New Monitoring Point
Add a New Protocol
Create a New Action Message
Create a New General Purpose Action

Add Type Exceptions to Journal Filter
Assign Object Exceptions to Journal Filter
Remove Type Exceptions from Journal Filter
Remove Object Exceptions from Journal Filter

Change Database Settings

Configure Email Preferences
Edit Surveillance Preferences
Change Clip Saving Location
Change Default Clip Duration
Configure Image Editor

Change Live Video Pane Layout

Enable/Disable Still Image Capture
Still Image Capture
Save a Still Image
Copy a Still Image to Clipboard
Email a Still Image
Print a Still Image

Create a Clip - Instant Playback Mode
Create a Clip - Live Mode

Send to Function

Sort Objects within Object Lists
Filter Object Lists

Pseudo Names for Cameras

Edit a Workstation - Client to Client Comms
Edit a Workstation - Local Removal After Sending

Verify a Clip in victor Player