victor unified client 4.0

Display Activity List

Create a Salvo
Delete a Salvo
Display All Salvos
Display Individual Salvos
Edit a Salvo
Run a Salvo

Create a Saved View
Create a Saved View from Surveillance View
Delete a Saved View
Edit a Saved View
Run a Saved View

Create a Tour
Delete a Tour
Display all Tours
Display Details of Specific Tours
Edit a Tour
Run a Tour

Acknowledge All Events
Acknowledge an Event
Associate an Event Action with a Camera
Associate a Video Action with an Event
Create a Salvo Video Action
Manually Activate an Event
View a Triggered Event

Exploring the Default Workspace
Logout and Login
Switch Users

Auto Hide and Unhide Docked Window
Create a New Tab Group
Delete Layouts
Docking a Window
Floating, Dockable & Tabbed Windows
Minimize/Maximize Ribbon Bar
Move Tabs Between Tab Groups
Refresh the Current Layout
Rename a Tabbed Window
Save Current Layout
Show All Layouts
Switch Layouts
Switch Window Type

Select Multiple Video Panes for Instant Playback

Date & Time Based Search
Motion Based Search
Organize Clips Folder
Retrieve Recent Footage From Camera
Investigate Motion Search Result

Delete a Saved Video Clip
Save a Clip Using Search & Retrieve
View Previously Saved Video Clip
Export a Video Clip
Play a Saved Clip Using victor Player
Verify Clip Authenticity

View Report

Add an Object to a Site
Copy Objects Between Sites
Create a Site
Delete a Site
Delete Objects from Site List
Remove Objects from Site List

Change Bandwidth Configuration Settings
Change Live Video Pane Layout
Change Surveillance Overlay Settings
Clear All Video From a Surveillance Window
Clear Video From a Surveillance Pane
Close a Surveillane Window
Edit Surveillance Preferences
View Individual Camera Footage
View Live Video From Selected Cameras
View Individual Camera Footage Full Screen
Virtual PTZ